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Our services include, but are not limited to:

Corporate Events

Hung Hing offers traditional entertainment for events of all sizes, with the expertise for performing for many upscale and prestigious corporations. Hung Hing has the professional skills and flexibility to tailor to your needs, with our long term clients that is vastly growing.


Hung Hing are Melbourne’s wedding specialists as we bring out all the tricks. From blessing the newly established union, whilst providing great entertainment. We as a team dedicate our passion year-round with consistent training throughout to ensure we can present the lion dance performance to cater to your special day.
Wedding Lion Dance, Lion Dancing, Hung Hing


With experience performing at a wide array of multicultural festivals, Hung Hing can provide the entertainment to energise and draw in the crowd, with plenty of crowd interaction and photo opportunities. Which always excites them for the following years performance as we are always working towards the next big show.


With decades of member experience, Hung Hing have the knowledge and skills to provide the traditional way of the shop blessing that will bring you success and prosperity, which never fails to draw in a crowd with the acrobatic performances.
Unicorn Dance, Lion Dance, Hung Hing

Unicorn Dance

The Qilin (麒麟) is a chinese mythical chimerical crossed between a dragon and reindeer.

The dance is practiced within the Hakka culture and as the current 2019 World Champions, Hung Hing is the only troupe in Australia to perform the unique art.

Revered along with the dragon and phoenix, the qilin symbolises peace, success, fertility and longevity - making the dance a perfect performance for your next function.

Hung Hing delivers entertainment with a wow factor - an unforgettable form of blessing for your wedding, gender reveal and other significant events.

Mascot Hire

Hung Hing also puts much thought into our range of mascots that are a cultural reflection that focus solely on crowd interaction at your event. Ranging from the God of Fortune, to the zodiac animals of the year. These fun and friendly mascots are a great attraction for any event and are much adored by the younger children.
Mascot Hire, Hung Hing Lion Dance
Lion Dance For Birthdays


From 1st birthdays to large milestone events and everything in between, Hung Hing have the skills and experience to create a performance that is best suited to the crowd and environment for your special day, with any of your personal requests or visions made possible. We factor in all considerations at each performance no matter the location. Providing a fun and entertaining performance we are sure to liven up the party and bring many smiles to faces.
Hung Hing Lion Dance Association Melbourne
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